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January 14, 2018
KETUPAT & Satey Peanut Paste
January 12, 2018

Pecal Peanut Paste

The basis for this recipe is (not so shockingly) my grandma’s own pecan pie, which is without question one of my favorite desserts ever. Utterly rich, sweet, and texturally perfect, her pie is literally like crack – One slice and I’m foaming at the mouth and robbing bodegas. So when I decided to team up with Peanut Butter & Company to put a modern-day spin on classic holiday pies, I knew pecan pie absolutely had to be one of them.

Type of Product Pecal Peanut Paste
Brand QINO™
Net Weight 150g & 500g
Ingredients Peanuts, sugar, dried chili, onion, tamarind and salt.
Storage method Room temperature ( 20-25oC )
Serving suggestion Eat with vegetables as a gravy
Shelf life 1 Year