CHEESE Layer Cake
January 9, 2018
FINGER Fish Flakes
January 7, 2018


Berries are cheap and plentiful at the moment which means I often get overly excited in the grocery store and come home with kilos of fruit! Blueberries are best friends with lemon, and I decided a layer cake that incorporates both these flavours was the way to go. I based this recipe off the divine Blueberry Swirl Cake by Raspberri Cupcakes which turned out beautifully. The cake is moist, dense (but not too heavy) and heavenly scented with lemon. The baked blueberries scattered throughout the cake provide a lovely tart burst of flavour now and then.

Type of Product Blueberry Layer Cake
Brand QINO™
Net Weight 300g
Ingredients Wheat flour, eggs, sugar, margarine, milk, kaya jam, blueberry jam, vanilla, natrium bicarbonate and permitted coloring enhancer
Storage method Chiller temperature ( 5oC )
Serving suggestion Suitable for tea time or as a snack
Shelf life 1 Year